NR20XE Precision Colorimeter


Functional Features

NR20XE Large Aperture Precision Colorimeter




NR20XE with φ20mm extended aperture and stable end face can test surface stripe and wet products. 
Difference between NR20XE and Ordinary Portable Colorimeter

When testing products such as meat by ordinary colorimeter, the whole instrument body has to be placed in the object which not only stains the instrument, but also will let the liquid/water enter the instrument directly and bring cross contamination. However, NR20XE is a vertical structure. When measuring, it can make sure only the aperture touches the object which will not stain the instrument body. 
NR20XE Precision Colorimeter
Product Introduction
3nh NR20XE is a handheld colorimeter based on 45°/0° optical geometry. Its measuring aperture is 20mm. NR20XE measuring aperture is the biggest one in domestic. Meanwhile, it also has high measuring precision. As a member of 3nh 45°/0° colorimeter, NR20XE is a colorimeter with unique performance. The color measurement results from NR20XE simulate human eyes but its accuracy is several times higher than human eyes. NR20XE 45°/0 ° optical geometry structures can reflect interactive effect between surface stripe and sample color more effectively than 8°/d colorimeter. NR20XE will eliminate the errors between human eyes and color tester caused by surface stripe when judging tolerance critical value of sample colors. Therefore, NR20XE is widely used in color field.
QC Department

NR20XE can meet quality control requirements in plastic (PET,PE,PP,PTA,ABS,EVA particles and powder), color steel plate, coating, textile, fluorescent material, denim, medicine and food industries, etc. It can help to control product color difference, improve product competitiveness, reduce enterprises’ loss and control production cost.

Food, medicine, textile, non-woven fabrics, denim, dyeing and printing, color steel plate, paper, plastic, chemical, coating, ink, building material industries, etc.
Illumination Locating; Cross Locating; Large Stable End Face
Technical Specifications 
 NR20XE Precision Colorimeter
 Illuminating/Viewing Geometry
Measuring Aperture 
 Special Function
Especially suitable for testing surface stripe and wet products 
Illumination Locating/Cross Locating 
Silicon photoelectric diode 
Illuminating Locating/Cross Locating 
 Color Space
CIEL*a*b*C*h*; CIEL*a*b*; CIEXYZ  
 Color Difference Formula
△E*ab; △L*a*b*; △E*C*h*  
Light Source  
Light Source Device 
LED blue light excitation 
 Errors Between Each
100pcs standards 20000pcs samples  
Standard deviation within ΔE*ab 0.08  Average of 30 measurements of standard white plate 
205×67×80 mm  
 Power source
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 3.7V@3200mAh  
 Lamp Life
5 years, more than 1.6 million measurements  
 Charging Time
First charging time is 8 hours--100% electricity  
 PC Software
CQCS3 Software 
 Printer (optional)
Miniature thermal printer 

1. 20mm measuring aperture can test objects with surface stripe accurately.
2. Vertical structure can test wet surface object or can be soaked into the liquid for testing.
3. Double Locating: Illuminating locating and cross locating.
4. Adopting new optical path and dynamic integration time can test more stable and accurate.
5. 45°/0° optical geometry structure, considering the effects of surface features.
6. Annular illumination design, suitable for polarizing material.
7. Equipped with rechargeable high-capacity Li-ion battery. No need to purchase battery repeatedly.
8. Configuring CQCS3 software -- connect PC computer to realize more functions.


NR20XE Precision Colorimeter


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